The Oz Turners CT series Windrow Compost Turners are an affordable all Australian built tow behind windrow compost turner built to the highest quality and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions. Oz Turners have received the Soil Foodweb International (SFI) tick of approval for our range of windrow compost turners. A large criteria of features and operations had to be met as well as product testing for Oz Turners to be awarded their tick of approval.
Currently available in 4 sizes: the CT mini , a small (6′) 1.8 metre wide drum, perfect for the budget conscious or smaller facility, the CT 270 a (9′) 2.7 metre wide drum, capable of turning average 600 m3/ hour , the CT 360 a (12`) 3.6 meter wide drum, capable of turning average 1000 m3/ hour , the largest unit CT 420 (16′) 4.2 metre wide drum .Our drums diameter varies in size proportional to the machine size, to get the best performance
The Oz Turner is without a doubt the best value compost turner for your waste management needs.